Hello! This is my blog, although you already knew that, didn’t you?

Please enjoy my writings, or don’t. I can’t decide for you.

Facts about me (you can determine if they are fun):

  • My favorite colors are yellow and red
  • My birthday is on the same day that a UFO was spotted in California in 1960
  •  I have an American Short-hair cat named Luna who wears a shirt and walks on a leash
  • My favorite food is the potato (in any form that it comes), followed closely by pizza
  • My favorite pizza toppings are extra sauce, mushrooms, and sausage
  • I am very scared of heights; for example, when cliff jumping at the lake, I literally have to be talked off the cliff.
  • I have a very large family; they say it takes a village you know. I think my family took that too literally.