Sleep Deprived Philosophy?

Someone once said that we accept the love that we think we deserve. What if we don’t believe that we deserve love? The immediate reaction to this, and I know I will get it, is to tell each other that someone will love you, you are loved, you cannot think that way, you cannot be […]

Selling Myself

I am a job hopper. Now it is not something that I am necessarily proud of, but I do not believe in staying somewhere that makes you miserable or a place where you are not valued. None the less, I have found myself constantly trying to sell myself to companies. Trying to make other people […]

Facing Fears

  Cancun, Mexico: October 12, 2018 The rickety boat skirts across the blue, clear ocean. Josh empties the red backpack of the bottles of water and soda — taken from the hotel mini bar — and sticks them in the tiny Styrofoam cooler. The man driving the boat, David, hands a bag of ice to […]

Six a.m Coffee

There is a whirring sound from the heater in the drive thru as it pushes warm air inward, enveloping me. Standing with my back to the counter, my head rests on the brick wall behind me. Snow is drifting down in large, fluffy flakes dusting the road outside. Cars drive past as people rush to […]


At what age do we realize that we are too old for dolls? For me, it was not so much that I was too old, but rather I was ostracized by fellow peers for my interest in playing with dolls. I was in the fifth grade. Barbie dolls were my favorite toy, due to the […]

I Am Fed Polish

The smell of dough and mashed potatoes wafts through the air, cut only by the pungent sourness of sauerkraut. Flour covers the hard wood table, filling in the cracks. A white cloud forms when a ball of dough hits the center of the flour mountain. The family is making pierogis, a type of Polish dumpling […]

Night time

I Am Alone I Am a glass Of red wine that has Been forgotten on the end table, lipstick stains The rim of the glass leaving a lasting memory of a lonely night A book lies open with tear stained pages Words blurred into ink puddles It’s my journal It says Read Me The bed […]